Javier Adan Rico

Showing off my creative works and twerks

Javier Adan Mendoza RicoSocial ecosystem architect: building and designing a social identity, content strategy and target audience. Experienced in gathering research, formulating a strong foundation and social strategy ready for execution.

  • Expert in creating, strategizing and designing content and campaigns for: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Knowme, Tumblr, Twitch and Blogs.
  • Experienced in video streaming on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Periscope and Meerkat.
  • Expert in social advertising in: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google


Being creative has always been my driving factor. With my in depth experience in graphic and web design, I have been able to enhance my talent and skills to what I am passionate about today. Which is social and digital media management. I have been able to creatively manage, plan and execute, single handedly, large scale online campaigns that included media investments throughout various digital channels. Video production for youtube has also been a major factor in my day to day work environment. With large goals to meet each year and to produce a consistent style of high quality videos and publish them at a frequency rate to maintain our views and subscriber base.

From brainstorming ideas, to script writing and story boarding then video shooting and maintaining it all within a small budget to finally developing a promotional plan to boost views and subscribers, I have a great understanding for the world of video production.

I’ve achieved over 500% in community growth and have been consistent in breaking engagement records with our finely tuned content strategy. As well as managing all social media coverage needed for our trade-show/gaming events and retail store activations.

I work with a long list of agencies and vendors that I have established a strong relationship with. I carry with me a proud list of contacts that have done impeccable projects and consider them great partners to work with.


Creative & Social Media Manager – Kingston Technology, Inc. & HyperX
December 2010 to Present – Orange County, California

Manage all social media channels for Kingston Latin America and HyperX Latin America. In charge of strategy, planning and managing agencies to execute and maintain all social media channels. Develop, review and approve content calendar and social media campaigns. Manage and produce all video content for Kingston and HyperX youtube channels.

Carefully maintain yearly budget for both social media management, video production and media investments.

Manage all social media advertising (facebook, twitter, youtube, google and twitch) and optimize ads to enhance performance. Analyze results by creating in depth reports to then develop new goals and achievements. 

Work closely together with sales, public relations and marketing managers to develop multi-level campaigns with events and retailers in country to increase sales, demand and ROI. Create briefs, manage the creative process and execution for all assets needed for campaigns: ads, web banners, landing page, POS material, social media dynamics/initiatives and merchandise.

Manage all creative assets for the region which include updating digital and physical materials by designing or creating briefs to produce new or update marketing assets.

Social Media Channels Managing for Kingston Latin America:

Social Media Channels Managing for HyperX Latin America: